Town that offers visitors splendid views, whether you walk on the characteristic lakefront, or whether you linger on one of the many openings of the paths that go upwards, it was the ancient capital of a community called “Tre Pievi” and preserves important historical vestiges of the past.

To visit:
– Palazzo Gallio, castle and villa, surrounded by a beautiful park, although not very large, built at the beginning of the sixteenth century for Count Ptolemy Gallio. Today, completely renovated, it is the seat and property of the Alto Lario Community, which hosts the Pianomaster Festival every summer, with symphonic concerts and symphonic orchestras of great appeal.
– Santa Maria del Tiglio with the Baptistery, built in 1100, and the basilica of San Vincenzo, even older, rebuilt in the same period and later in the seventeenth century.

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