Colico is located at the top of Lake Como, at the outlet of Valtellina and Valchiavenna and owes its importance to strategic and communication reasons. There is a military fort of which important vestiges remain. Also for military reasons, in the early twentieth century, a second fort (Montecchio) was built equipped with four large-caliber cannons in revolving domes, which remained as the only example of a strong fort in the entire Alpine arc.

In a suggestive position, overlooking the characteristic lake of the same name, there is the Abbey of Piona, which preserves remains dating back to the 11th century and a significant Romanesque church with cloister, one of the best known tourist destinations in the Province of Lecco.

The landscape, as well as the mouths of the Adda and Mera rivers, is characterized by the imposing mass of Monte Legnone and the peaceful reliefs of the Montecchi, hills of morainic origin where hundreds of migratory birds find refuge from the nearby Oasis of Pian di Spagna.

Currently Colico is home to an important industrial center, and enjoys a significant development of tourism-related activities.

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