Of ancient origin, it underwent the domination of the Lords of Milan and from 1370, it enjoyed the privilege of drafting its own Statutes.

The fourteenth-fifteenth-century city held a prominent position in the Lario as evidenced by the remains of ancient walls, the Praetorium and the old parish church near Pioverna, in addition to the documented establishment of an early grammar school. From 1533 it passed to the Sfondrati family together with many other nearby fiefdoms.

What to visit

The Parish Church dedicated to Saints Nazzaro and Celso, in typical Lombard-Gothic style, with an elegant facade partly covered with two-colored marbles, on which stands a terracotta rose window with delicate lace placed above a shrine containing a marble bas-relief with the effigy of Sant’Ambrogio. Built in the 14th century by the Comacini Magisteri, today it has become a national monument.

The Church of Santa Marta, in front of the Parish Church with entrance from the homonymous square, which houses a remarkable wooden Deposition composed of nine statues attributed to the sculptor Giovanni Angelo Del Maino, who worked between 1496 and 1536.

The Church of Saints Rocco and Sebastiano.

An inscription shows the date of 1496 as regards the construction and we know that it was consecrated in 1502. Of not high artistic value it is a place dear to the Bellanese for its function as a Shrine for the Fallen. Inside there are two valuable paintings by the contemporary and appreciated painter. Giancarlo Vitali from Bellano.

The Church of San Nicolao, an ancient place of worship, now deconsecrated, owned by the Municipal Administration, is used for cultural or artistic events.

In Lezzeno, a hamlet of Bellano, the homonymous Sanctuary, built between 1690 and 1704 to preserve the plaster image of a Madonna of Sorrows who in 1688 began to shed tears of blood. Inside, the many ex-votos testify to faith and deep worship.

What to see

The Orrido, a deep canyon produced over the centuries by the tumultuous course of the Pioverna which flows into the abyss with unspeakable thunder. A concrete walkway allows you to admire this terrible and extraordinary spectacle of nature in complete safety.


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