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 Bellano (LC)
"Horas Serenas Bellano Ferat"

This is a very old community which was under the domination of the Dukes of Milan for many centuries. In 1370 it was given the right to establish its own laws.
During the 14th and 15th Centuries it held a position of importance on the Lario, evidenced by its ancient walls, by the Courthouse and the old Parish Church near the Pioverna River, and by documentation that establishes a ?school of grammar? there at a very early date. In 1533 it passed under the dominion of the Sfondrati family along with several other nearby fiefs.

What to visit
The Parish Church named for Saints Nazarus and Celsus, was built in the typical Lombard-Gothic style, with its elegant facade partially covered by horizontal stripes of two contrasting shades if marble, dominated by the delicate terracotta lacework of a rose window above a cornice containing a marble bas-relief depicting Saint Ambrose. This church was built in the 14th Century by the Comacini Masters and today is considered a national monument.

The Church of Saint Martha, in front of the Parish Church and with its entry on the square of the same name, this church houses a noteworthy wooden ?Deposition from the Cross? composed of nine statues attributed to the sculptor Giovanni Angelo Del Maino, whose works date from 1496 to 1536.

The Church of Saints Rocco and Sebastian.
An inscription proclaims that the construction was completed in 1496 and there is documentation that it was consecrated in 1502.
It is not of any particular artistic value but it is very dear to the Bellanese because it is where the town commemorates its veterans fallen in the line of duty.
Inside you can find two paintings by the well-loved, contemporary, Bellanese artist, Giancarlo Vitali.

The Church of Saint Nicholas, was once a place of worship but today it is no longer a hallowed place. It belongs to the City Government and is used for cultural and artistic events.

In Lezzeno, a part of Bellano township, there is a Sanctuary of the same name, built between 1690 and 1704 to house the plaster image of Our Lady of Sorrows, which began to shed tears of blood in 1688. Inside you will find many, many votive offerings that bear witness to the importance of the local cult and the numbers of the faithful.

What to see
The Orrido is a deep gorge created over the centuries by the impetuous course of the Pioverna River tumbling into the void and making a noise so loud that one is deafened by it. A cement footbridge provides a safe place from which to view this extraordinary and awe-inspiring natural phenomenon.

Colico - Abbazia di Piona

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